The Way Out
The Way Out
Tough Love is a Lesson
sometimes we have to learn the hard way...

Some of us in life may justify thinking we have it bad.  Though life has had its challenges and ups and downs there are other folks who have it worse.  Right now our country has backslidden and if you compare the Old Testament curses that Moses wrote about you will see that we are living under the curse.  These are not curses from GOD Almighty but rather curses from our own disobedience.  See I know what it is to disobey God.  I know what it is to fall short of God's glory and it is alone.  God gives you the choice to accept His love or chose to live alone wallering in our own sins.  I wrote a worldwide ad several years back of repentance for me being a sinner and doing things to hurt God's heart.  See I was cursing constantly and taking the name of the LORD in vain.  I was looking to the world to solve my problems.  In my dreams I was going to hell.  At the last minute after facing hell on all sides I looked ahead and saw light, but in the dream I was trapped.  I took the only exit I had and pushed forward.  

Last night I as I began to drift off I began having all kinds of visions seeing things of success.  I was seeing things that were overflowing.  I was seeing that the second I submitted my article of repentance to the world, I was forgiven in the same nanosecond I hit submit.  The difference is now I am submitting to God.  

I woke up at a few minutes before midnight February 6th 2010 and the last thing I was doing is chasing Satan.  He was running as fast as he could from me.  I was flying and doing all I could to get back at Satan but Satan's fear drove him faster and faster knowing he could not stand.  God's Holy Spirit had been restored because I repented.  I could now stand and chase the enemy and I was alone, but I was in the Spirit.  See God was with me, and God was helping me.  See I told the world I was a sinner and I penned it with my own name, Dale Lee Gordon.  

I bought several ads, and I need money in the worse way to push this ministry forward, and while some of them I wrote for money things happened and no money was made.  It was a mistake on my part for not overseeing a project closer.  See sometimes when we dig a pit, we have to be the ones to climb our own way out.  I felt bad about some things I did earlier, but I then realized just as I made mistakes sometimes its best to let people learn on there own.  

I have fallen into several traps and I suddenly realized after many personal losses, I am in trouble too.  One person gave me insite and light on something Jesus said.  Jesus spoke of having something big in our eye and not being able to see.  We try so hard in our blind state to help others to see but the reality is we need to see first.  Recently I met two unrelated friends one was a man the other a woman.  Like always I gave what I did not have to give.  With both people I was very patient with them but sometimes you have to let things go.  There is an old song called "The Gambler" and he states you need to know when to fold them and when to run.  As with both those folks I folded the cards and I ran.  

In the case of the male friend I saw a lot of myself, and I wanted to let things go but it was like fighting the old me making mistake after mistake.  I had no way of bailing this friend out and I knew it would only drag me down so rather than being drug down this steep mountain I cut the rope, and it was not easy.  See I am fighting my own demons right now.  The biggest demon and it is very real, is my own financial pit of hell.  I can't afford to make mistakes and I just made two back to back.  

The other mistake was a female friend.  I had feelings for her, but she has a lot of growing to do.  I gave gifts from the heart, as we all did.  Let me tell you something, love doesn't always work out.  Sometimes the more you love the more a person they take off in the opposite direction following hate and the world's lies.  It hurts watching someone you really love falling for the world's lies and Satan's deceptive paths and this woman has lessons to learn.  I had my lessons to learn as I am a sinner but the chains to sin are released.  I found the way out by seeking the truth and letting the world know I have faults too.  Now instead of helping others and seeking friends, I have to realize life is not about ourselves but in serving Jesus Christ our LORD.  Neither friend brought me hope, but in Christ Jesus I found more than just hope, I found LOVE.  Friends there is a way out and only one way out, that is in loving Jesus Christ and serving Him only.  AMEN

God Loves You Still!
  From a sinner who put 
God's love to the test!

Have you lost hope and feel God doesn't love you anymore?  

Are you lost in addictions as I have been deceived into believing a member of the opposite sex holds all the answers to life's pleasure?

Does God Love Me Still?

Have you been lied to by Satan and deceived into believing financial recovery can be rebuilt through the Devil's lies.  You have come to the right place because in some of my worst mental states I was lied to by several evil men hiding out on the other side of this computer screen.  One was in Nigeria, another perhaps London, and another was a company in Germany that sold S.E.O. lies.  I had even fallen for the lie that I could get my Google Ads free.  

We all make mistakes and there are repercussions to our own folly.  In some cases it could be the loss of a friend, or it could be the loss of trust.  In the worst cases serious sins can land us in prison or death.  I know because I am the main character of Robert Scott's book, "Kill or be Killed."  I am that Dale Lee Gordon and I just got out of prison (January 28th 2007, end of Parole on January 28th 2010) but the world's madness and deceptive lies had not ended after I walked out of freedom's gates.  I met a pastor of River City Church in Redding California, Pastor Brock Dale Bernstein who lied to me and hurt me.  He took the money I had for this ministry but more than that Brock Dale Bernstein took God's money that God gave me as did several other scammers.  

While I cannot change my past the past affects my future and my folly affects my life.  I am not asking you to bail me out because God has promised to bless these ministries in His time and His way.  Though I felt rejected for years, even by God, God's promises remain true.  I sinned in that I allowed Satan into my finances in the form of Brock Dale Bernstein and other scammers and though I was very ill at the time I still have to take responsibility for my sins.  God forgave me for losing His money and living my life so foolishly.  I was the bad steward.  

I know I may sound like gloom and doom.
I have emptied my barns and now there is room.
I have hurt I too feel pain.
On my white garments there is many a stain.
I have done wickedly I deserve hell.
Though I cried out to Jesus from a locked cell.
Jesus is coming he will wipe away my mess.
Jesus is coming and He is coming to bless.
I have realized that my websites are unlike others.  
I have turned away many sisters and brothers.
Many click away at the very first page.
Turning from me when they hear I lived in a cage.

Sometimes in life what we think are the greatest defeats are the greatest victories.
March 6th 2008  Dale Lee Gordon

The Way Out
Dale Lee Gordon
I have created sites that are not like anything I have seen on the web.  It seems a lot of people out there are seeking money through advertisements.  While I too had plans of fetching the big dollars until I saw the Light of Jesus.  It seems these days everyone is trying to create their own identity.  I have become myself with my heart laid out before you.  I let you realize that someone else out there is hurting like you.  It is good to have professional sites where you can call a 1-800 number or a contact us page and you can get someone on the line.  I am not that man.  I lack the expertise to keep someone from going off the deep end.  There are those I help around me but it is all I can do.  I do what I can with what little I have.  I am sorry.  Telling you my problems may not be the answer when you too are hurting.  I try my hardest by giving away free literature.  One day I will have all my books bound and sold in book stores and off the web.  That day is not today.  I just want to let you know other people are paying the price as you are.  

With these sites I try and warn you there is a way, which is Jesus only, and all other ways which are pathways to hell.  I tell you God loves you, and that there are conditions to God's love.  I remember in my mind saying to God, I love you God.  In response I heard a still small quiet voice, "If you love me keep my commandments."  My sentence for failing God was hell.  Though I may sound harsh with language like that I have fought this battle of life.  My Christian walk has not been fun nor has it been easy.  Only until recently have I been able to relax and listen to music or watch some of my movies.  I recently wrote a man in prison who was a Wiccan.  I had to tell him the truth or I would suffer God's everlasting wrath in hell.  I told him that the religion he is into is a path to hell.  Naturally he wrote back extremely angry.  Being a Christian does not mean you get high dollars and if possible carry a padded cross for show.  Though there is a man that carries a cross all over the world, without pads, he reaches a lot of people and I have a great deal of respect for him.  Christianity is not always glorious.  While I am famous for being a hard core criminal it is a title I cannot get rid of.  If God so chooses He will do with my life as He feels best.  I have a lot of enemies, and I know Satan hates me which I am proud of.  

Recently I purchased a copy of "Bruce Almighty."  While it has an unusual tone to it I find it hard not to use the movie as a tool that shows how many of our lives are.  Here Bruce, after having an argument with God, tries to use God's powers to better his life.  In the end those words ring like a bell; "I don't want to be God anymore!"  He fought God only to lose.  As it was stated from God that God only wanted him to fix the problems on the block he lived in.  Instead Bruce used all the powers for himself.  In the end it was the unanswered prayers that got him.  Such are the ways of Satan or anyone else for that matter who tries to be God.  I got rid of that movie because Jim Carry does not know Jesus.  

Believe me I have been around many wacko's that tried to possess God's title.  Almost all of them never even read the Bible.  The first of such men came to me as Satan in disguise.  He cast spells on me.  While the spells I live with that damaged my brain; this sorcerer not only claimed to be God but rather used his Satanic powers for destruction.  I recall even Brock Dale Bernstein telling me stories of how he had God's powers.  He would tell me things like he was shown his past all the way up from the Garden of Eden till present day.  He said at one time he could read the thoughts from everyone around him which as he told me produced a temporary insanity.  When Brock sent me back to prison I spent exactly 10 days in captivity.  I claimed Revelation 2:10 over my life and in ten days I was released.  (Rev 2:10)  Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.  Other people too, mostly prisoners, would claim to be some man from the Bible and often they would even claim to be God Almighty.  Our God which I humbly serve both Father and Son are the God of love.  How often will you see your King taking off His crown to be born in a manger and go through an unbearable death to set sinners free.  This is our God mind you that suffered to the point of death with starvation in the wilderness and beat the devil using only words from the Bible.  Our God Jesus could not be trapped in words or stoned or even thrown off a cliff.  He took the nails for you and I.  Jesus took whipping and beatings and for many of you, you cannot find time to read God's Word.  I know you work.  I know you are tired.  I know life is not fare.  As long as you are bound to Satan's yoke you will have problems.  (Mat 11:28-30)  Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

If you want an impossible burden take the easy way.  You will find it paved with gold and false promises that fail you in the end.  You know this website is about healing.  I present you with a choice to make.  For me the choice is obvious though difficult.  That choice is Jesus.  I recall a You Tube I had on my old Bible Heaven which I have allowed to become invisible on the web.  In this You Tube I had a video on Oprah Winfree, a soldier of Satan.  She spoke as a woman of authority purposely misleading God only knows how many people.  She spoke of paths with millions of ways to Jesus.  My friends, I am not your friend if I don't tell you the truth.  Instead I must say:  (Joh 14:6)  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Forest Gump tried to tell us life is like a box of chocolates.  I disagree since my life, as may be yours too, can be darn right hell.  On the road to heaven if you find lots of money, fame, and abundance you are not on the right path.  Gods ways are not about earning more money, how much you weigh, how good looking you are, or the house you live in, or the car you drive.  If you do have lots of money it is your cup to feed the poor.  That is not an option.  I know in our church our people with good jobs pay large tithes to the church.  It is more than just that:  When poverty and loss strikes someone in our congregation down they are often the force to bail them out.  Even in my state of despair I give to those that are hurting.  Many don't see it that way.  I have heard others mock about giving.  Some say it simply goes into the pastor's pocket and yes that is true in many cases but still it is our duty to give.  If you know one charitable source is abusing your tithe give elsewhere.  Some of what God requires is ten percent of your money and one seventh of your time.  That one seventh of your time should be spent going to church and of spending time with God on Saturday or as the Bible speaks of Sabbath.  This is not an option, however often we speed home from church to watch the football game.  We pray for these idols we worship to defeat the other team.  Even if Sabbaths are not an option, especially around a work schedule, time spent with God is important.  While we can't earn points with God or work our way to heaven, we have the option to reach out toward Jesus.  Life is not hopeless.  Even a wicked King such as Mannasah may have been forgiven of eternal damnation.  Interestingly enough we have a letter of this wicked king repenting in the 1560 Geneva Bible.  It is one of the few areas I have read in the ancient Bible's Apocrypha.  While I have read the King James cover to cover multiple times I speak with authority.  I continually study the ancient root languages even the Hebrew New Testament.  When I first started these sites I spoke half the time with insanity and no matter what I tried I failed in the search engines.  I know now what I am saying is correct but I also am finally seeing the light in God's timing.  For the longest time I threw accusations and curses at God and yes even using the LORD's name in vain.  These things I am not proud of nor do I recommend testing GOD as I have done or as Bruce Almighty did.  In all my wickedness I learned that GOD's hand is stretched out still.  I am sorry but on these websites I feel I have sworn in on my Bibles and I refuse to lie to make myself sound like a better person.  If God so chooses one day to put my sites into the search engines one day I will be judged by my peers that have heard me use curse words and lash out in anger.  I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED AND A SINNER ONLY SAVED BY GOD'S GRACE.  MY FOLLY IS GREAT AND MY ONLY SHOT AT HEAVEN IS TO BOW BEFORE THE ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR.  I SURRENDER TO YOU JESUS AND YOU ALONE.  AMEN...

I do not know the answer about King Mannasah.  I am not sure he truly repented.  King David repented, as did his son King Solomon.  King Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes and several books of the Geneva's Apocrypha as letters of repentance.  The Apostle Paul repented, as did the Apostle Peter.  True Christians will one day have to learn that Jesus' nails were serious.  What Christ Jesus did for you does not give you permission to be a couch potatoe Christian, nor does it justify 18 inch chrome rims and 15 inch woofers in your car.  Christ did not die so you can pull the handle on the slot machine one more time, or inject another drug in your system.  Jesus did not die so that you could abuse tobacco or alcohol.  Jesus died so you could tithe to save an orphan child or the widow across the street.  Jesus died so that you could go to the local jail and read the Bible to the prisoners.  Jesus died so you could give the body of Christ 10 percent of your money (you can tithe even more too) and give God 24 hours of your time a week on the Sabbath which is Saturday.  You can give God more than 24 hours and that would just suit God fine.  I know a lot of people fill their lives with TV, but I can tell you this unless you are watching something inspirational you are throwing your salvation down the drain.  One day people will have to come to the grips with the reality that homosexuality is an abomination as God says:

(Lev 20:13)  If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

I have heard of people killing homosexuals.  God did not lay that on our hearts to do.  We live in a civil environment and just as it is wrong to be homosexual, it is also wrong since the Bible says:

(Exo 20:13)  Thou shalt not kill.

Chaos is not the name of the game.  One of the reasons God is allowing this nation to have the problems we are having today is the unheard of number of abortions.  I am trying to use tact here but I can't.  I have lied enough times in my life and lies I don't want to repeat.  I have sinned many sins and I am tired of sin.  I hate addictions.  Most of all I hate Satan and the devils that follow Satan's lead.  One time when I went up to my parents house I went through all of my old stuff that I loved.  My dearly loved Metalica, Def Lepard, Scorpions and other horrid evil music I used to listen to.  I looked at the role playing game I had perfected, "The World of Total Chaos."  I destroyed all of it and any remanent that was left.  The reason I did that is because I love that stuff and I won't lie to you about it.  There is a difference between myself and others.  It just so happens I am not a plastic pastor.  There are good pastors and bad pastors as I have learned.  Some pastors don't stick with Biblical truth.  Instead they feed you a lie of their own making.  This is why you need to read the Bible yourself so you can see if a pastor agrees or disagrees with the Bible.  There are some great pastors out there but you should be careful when looking for a church to attend.  Like I have mentioned many times Christianity is a walk with God.  As for me I am not a man with all my cylinders firing in the correct firing order.  If I were a car I would be some rusted up old Gremlin that is worth nothing more than the steel it is made of.  God is good and I am not.  I am addicted to the opposite sex, because I think women are a picture of fine art that God designed.  While I say I am addicted to the fine beauty of women I gave up acting out on it.  I have had no sexual relations for 18 years and proud of it.  I am addicted to heavy metal music which I don't listen to anymore by choice.  You can look at me in a sour light.  I am not someone great.  I am a failure that looks up to the cross for forgiveness because nothing else will provide me grace in this lifetime.  I am a man that loves the poor.  I am a man that loves the widows and orphans.  I am a man who forgot about fame and ambitions.  I am a man that cares more for the life of someone else than a meal for myself.  I don't think a lifetime of my love will ever justify me taking all there was from this world.  I even wonder if someone will ever come this far on my pages or am I just wasting my time and money on a site that has produced no fruit.  For me it doesn't matter because the distinct thought runs through my mind that God impressed on me years ago:  "WE PRESS ON!!!"  

A further note:

I am in the business of leading people to Christ.  I may not do it the way most people do.  I don't lead people to Christ over a "sinner's prayer."  Instead I tell people the truth.  Remembering a bumper sticker I like:  "Truth is not always popular, but is always right."  Some of what I say may sting like a serpent.  I will not take the Word of the LORD in vain by promising lies through modern Bibles, or vain lip service that leads to damnation unless you truly repent.  

Friends my sins are terrible and shameful.  I told God today; "please forgive me for being a sinner!"  I know some things even wicked sins I do I lack the ability to overcome.  I don't know how to tell you how to get right with God when I am so wicked and evil.  One of my many favorite Bible verses is:  (Proverbs 10:12)  Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.  My love has become my answer to my prayer for my own salvation.  The Apostle Paul spoke of this in 1 Corinthians 13. Here it is again:  Click here!  Through love we can overcome this world.  This is not so much in lip service but rather let your words prove their worth by your actions.  Not to sound like a liar a person must proclaim Jesus off his own lips as the Bible says:

(Rom 10:9)  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

(Rom 10:13)  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Just remember if you call on the name of the LORD in vain then what is it you are doing.  You are wanting the easy way out.  There is a warning against taking the easy way out and it is in the Ten Commandments:

(Exo 20:7)  Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

If you are going to chose the LORD do so but don't fall back as I have done.  When I fell back I struggled from then on out.  

I was just thinking of something.  The Bible is the only thing I am good at.  I can write too.  While many will reject what I have to say I feel it is important.  I do not feel I am speaking for myself but rather on God's behalf.  I am to weak for manual labor and I can't work in the heat because my medications.  I can't remember names and events so secretarial work is out of the question.  There are other jobs I can't do because I am simply too slow.  I believe God has put me in front of this computer because this is where God wants me.  What I am doing is preparing a field for a great harvest.  Amen...

Latest News:  Updated 6/8/2016

A few nights ago I had a dream from God.  I was trying to read a Bible to someone in my dream.  In the dream I stepped out of the church only to see the busses leaving.  Somehow I was still in the Marine Corps and to make matters worse I had missed movement which is one of the most serious offenses in the service.  Sheer terror overwhelmed me.  Suddenly I was taken to the bus.  A very powerful man came to me.  He said to me, "your sins are forgiven."  When I woke I was overjoyed with peace.  I thought to myself how could God forgive me such a wicked sinner.  What surprised me is this dream was before the end.  I had been forgiven and this is something I have been waiting on for so long.  I have always been so scared of God, but now there is peace.

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Jesus coming
Do you hear the trumpet tune?
Is your life in ruin?

Just know Jesus 
is returning soon....

Make your choice today.
Truth is: 
Jesus is the only way!