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The Way Out
The Way Out Ministries
The Way Out
Here at The Way Out Ministries I know that Jesus Christ is the only way.  Jesus declaired, (John 14:6)  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.  If Jesus is the only way out of this world then why are so many people trying to create thier own ways to reach the golden heavenly city?  Sadly most people try to find an alternate route to getting into heaven but it doesn't work that way.  Even Christianity was first called "The Way" however others tried to make their own way and ended up lost.  I too followed the map to my own pot of gold which led no where.  At the age of 28 I saw the way, however it was to late for that way to work out.  Now I know the way and I know the way is Jesus Christ.  Are you like I once was, tired and alone and there seems to be no way, please find your way to  and pray. 

Here at The Way Out Ministries I discuss just how GOD Almighty is working in my life.  Feel free to go through the links on this site, as it can and will take you to heights you'd never seen nor had you dreamed about them coming true. 

-Dale Lee Gordon

Jesus is the Way Out!
In life we are answer seekers.  We want to know the truth, but often when we find out the truth we may or may not like to hear it.  As a Christian I see my need more and more for that truth and the only truth, the only way out is in Jesus Christ.  One day the truth may come knocking on your door and you have the choice to invite truth in or to send it running the other way.  For me I have to be honest, I lost sight on the truth.  I veered off the path to Jesus Christ and began sinking in down to the depths of hell.  See I have a problem, that is pornography.  It is a problem in my life that has been stirring and I haven't much cared for it.  Last week around February 4th I began to delve back ever deeper into that sin.  That is not all.  I have been cursing God and telling God things in my life are His fault hurling accusations at him.  I lost site of the truth and believed the Devil's lie, but now I accept the lie no more.  Yesterday (several years back now) I saw a car in front of us with the license plate ending in 666.  (On 3/23/2014 I saw a car's license plate ending in 777.  I believe after seeing that and another sign that we are very near to Christ' return.  777 of course means Christ.)  God is a funny God.  Today 3/25/2014 I saw a truck with the license plate ending in 888.  The meaning of 888 is Holy Spirit; The sum of Tree of Life I notice things like that.  The Spirit is speaking and I know it is saying things are about to happen.  I also pay attention to dreams.  On 3/25/2014 I had yet another dream about the world ending. 
See in the past God told me His love was sufficient, but I didn't believe it.  Instead I rejected God's love and went back into pity parties once again accusing God for my past mistakes, and getting back into pornography.  Those are the lies from the Devil and are not the way out.  In 2009 I stared long and hard at my pill bottles in hopes for the way out.  That was not the way out either.  Friends there is only one way out and that way is through Jesus Christ our LORD.  AMEN!

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The Way Out Ministries
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