There is a audio blurp from the X-Files that circulates on YouTube from time to time but always gets taken down.  I recorded it in audio so no one can take it down.

Above this is a pdf concerning Genesis 11 in the Greek Septuagint.   It comes with Strong's numbering and the word for a hundred below the text.  Next is Genesis 4:1 which was altered from the Hebrew Old Testament.  It was originally in the Hebrew OT but was taken out a very long time ago probably long before Jesus' time.  Genesis 4:1 was removed from the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible.  Now it is here to stay and that is good.  Just know the only reason we are not being processed in FEMA camps is because people like myself voted for Trump who is a Christian.

The earth ages site near the bottom of the menu bar has  been completely revised as of April 19th 2020.  Sorry I didn't have it ready before for those who visited this site.  This earth ages page is for advanced Bible scholars or those seeking greater learning.

Important note:

I did a lot more work in the Bible than I did on appearance on these sites.  Sorry but Bible truth means a lot more to me than appearance.

I have been reviewing my sites and realizing there are errors here and there.  I did a lot of work here over the years and realized that not everything makes perfect sense.  I am trying to correct these writing errors as I see them but I have created a lot of works here.  While I apologize for any errors I want my audience whether it is one person or a million to realize I did my best.  Between the years of 2008-2011 were some hard years for me as I was struggling with mental problems so I apologize for any errors in my writing style you might find.  Also just know you are loved by God.

Thank you for your patience, 
sincerely Dale Lee Gordon

I am struggling with everything I do here at The Way Out Ministries (  Here is the page with everything you need to know about where help is and where you can find the latest changes.  I will be posting latest changes with the links to go with them.  I am excited to tell you that things here at all my sites and Color Your World With God's Love Ministries changes quite often.  You will find the peace love and joy God has given to me over the years which you too can experience.   I would love to welcome you to my online church.  Maybe you are tired of the lies and tithe bags being shoved in your face.  Here you will find a common man offering a different twist to the Bible and that is truth.  I know I have not preached about grace like other so called pastors.  Now as I further my studies I am seeing God gives second chances and even last chances.  To God there is hope from the world there is confusion.  

I want to start out by giving you a link to TextAloud where you can download a free trial and purchase it if you like this program.  This program will allow your computer to read to you so that you do not need to spend endless hours in front of a computer screen.  I know I am very long winded but I feel I have a lot of important things to say since the good LORD has given me Bible wisdom.  I think once you get over the fact that our God wants a relationship with you and the fact that our relationship is not always easy, you will soon discover the love God has in store for you and that is a better future.  Amen

​Purchase Text Aloud click here!   I don't make money off this program though I do endorse it. has been receiving constant you tube video updates.  It is actually not so constant change as I have not recently updated this site.  It is actually quite frustrating because I find good truthful sites and you tube takes  them down.  I can't keep up with the constant changes the Devil throws at me, but I do have a Savior that quenches all those fiery darts.

I know I often make out God to be a serious God but there is a lot of love in him.  I think the following website is a good site to visit since you can realize that you are loved by the KING.  And if I don't have all the answers because I don't God does and you will find them in the pages of the Bible.  I am sorry there are so many Bibles and so many churches and a million different pastors all with different doctrines but that is not what God is.  God is different and he is loving and he forgives the heart that doesn't halfway repent but  a heart that wants Jesus to change him. 

I want you to also realize I am only human and I too am not perfect.  I know I am harder on myself than most people will probably ever be.  I realize what I have often done is spoken death to myself and I have to change.  Just realize I worked through times of emotional roller coaster rides, as well as times where God's love flourished in my life.  I stayed busy no matter what.  AMEN... 

If you are at a complete loss you may contact by website or phone:  1-800-need-him   In case you can't see that text it is 1-800-need-him or you may click the  above hyperlink.  

I wrote a lot about love especially that love related to God.  You will find a website that may be helpful, at least it was healing to me when I wrote it:  It is at  which talks about when a person in authority, in my case a pastor, abused me.  Click overcoming abuse  here or on the above site to see how in my case a pastor used me and got away with it.  I know I often cry a pity party of my own but some of you may be able to relate in your own way.   I am finally getting to a stage above the tear fest and self indulged pity party I sunk into.  I realize the love Jesus has for me and I feel loved by the KING.  I want to tell you something there is hope and it is in this lifetime.  So if you are suffering through drugs, lies, a worldly church that is corrupt and doesn't want you to know the truth I have to say this:  Even in truth there is peace.  Truth won't be found in a ten thousand dollar class at Bethel or lies taught in a mega church.  Bible truths are not going to come at you in high flash, expensive graphics, high paid pastors but rather the bottom of Google.  Maybe this is where the rubber meets the road and I won't lead you to hell.  There is one truth and that truth bears a name and that is Jesus.  He's not going to tell you about a new gold rush, he won't promise you a Mercedes Benz but he will promise you love.  God doesn't come to you at 100 decibels.  He is the friend that bought back life from Satan.  He knows death and the price of salvation.  While salvation didn't show up with a sword and a warhorse telling the Israelite's lets charge against Rome;  Jesus came to heal, and to set captives free.  What you are about to do at Planned Parenthood, or with what you purchased in a baggie under the bridge God has a cure for.  It is an everlasting love and you won't get that from a needle or the glass pipe or the seduction calling your name.  God offers forgiveness and grace to your sins.  I implore you don't wait, because the love that is here today doesn't promise tomorrow.  Get right with Jesus, and whatever lies Brock Dale Bernstein has a the mission you won't find the truth in his words.  While a person can claim you are on the path to heaven, its often the rocky inhospitable path that often leads to Christ.   What I mean by that is that often not every pastor you hear has the truth and those who harbor liars partake in their sins.  One has to realize churches are not all right and the path of life is found in the King James Bible but don't give up on your NLT, NASB, or Clear Word or other modern Bible.  I started with the NIrV Free on the Inside Bible.  I found the truth and never turned back though I admit I backslid on the way.  We can falter we can fumble the ball, we can land in jail or prison but that is not the end.  We have a chance for your sins to be forgiven.  Write the judge and tell him you are sorry for what you did and be sincere.  They are not your enemy Satan is your enemy and so is Brock Dale Bernstein who preaches at the mission in Redding California.  He can't heal you only Jesus heals and your healing may be temporary and it won't come from Bethel either.  God has healed me from all my pains and problems yet to be healed.  Jesus has been there even after long nights of staring down my pill bottles.  God got me through those times and I am here to say now five decades of hell the devil threw at me later I love you JESUS!!!  AMEN

The below file I had great difficulty loading and even recording.  Satan fought all the way till midnight.  After midnight I closed sitebuilder and tried again.  This time instead of the long three hour fight it uploaded in ten minutes.  God saw to it this file played twice.  That was not done by design but rather God's will.  Amen
The below file is loud and a little distorted at first.  You will need to turn your speakers down.  I did not want to try recording it again because this file was already marked for removal.